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Linguistics is the scientific study of human language, which is not just artifact whose use is to be taught, but a uniquely human trait whose study draws as well as increasingly impinges on cognition, the humanities, and the sciences.

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Corpus Linguistics and Language Technology

We focus on the use of cognitive linguisitics approach and corpus linguistics methods to investigate linguistics manifestations.


Language Learning and Acquisition

As in a multilingual society, we adopt a cross-linguistics approach to research into issues related to language learning and acquisition.


Language in Society

The use of Cantonese in Hong Kong Society and schools since the post-war period is unique among Chinese Society.

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    RPg Student Research Forum 2020

    The RPg Student Research Forum 2020 is organised by the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies and Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong.

    • Online via Zoom

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