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Linguistics is the scientific study of human language, which is not just artifact whose use is to be taught, but a uniquely human trait whose study draws as well as increasingly impinges on cognition, the humanities, and the sciences.

Research groups


Corpus Linguistics and Language Technology

We focus on the use of cognitive linguisitics approach and corpus linguistics methods to investigate linguistics manifestations.


Language Learning and Acquisition

As in a multilingual society, we adopt a cross-linguistics approach to research into issues related to language learning and acquisition.


Language in Society

The use of Cantonese in Hong Kong Society and schools since the post-war period is unique among Chinese Society.

Latest News

  • 西方傳教士筆下的粵語文獻:介紹「早期粵語聖經及基督教文學資料庫」

    Supported by the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Fund, co-organised by the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, the Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies and Christian Faith and Development Centre. The talk is about Early Cantonese Bible and introducing the Christian Literature Database.

  • RPg Student Research Forum 2022

    This year the RPg Student Research Forum was organised under hybrid mode. The event attracted more than 30 participants online and 10 participants who joined on-site. This year we welcomed three new incoming PhD students. Three second-year PhD students gave a presentation on their thesis topic.

  • Symposium on Language & Literacy Development in Chinese Children with Special Needs

    The symposium is organised and supported by the project "Toward a Research Cluster in Clinical Linguistics" funded by Research Development Office, EdUHK. With rapid development from disciplines such as cognitive neuroscience, genetics and brain imaging, linguistic characterization of language disabilities requires a more holistic understanding, drawing upon knowledge generated from different channels. This emerging need for interdisciplinary collaborations forms the backdrop of the project. The symposium attracted more than 120 participants.

What Our Student Interns Say

The Centre for Research on Linguistics and Language Studies (CRLLS) Student Internship Programme aims to give EdUHK students who wish to pursue further studies in linguistics or a postgraduate career in the academic sector or research industry an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in working with serving researchers by being engaged in various stages of the research process. The internship enriches their understanding of the roles of researchers and facilitates their future career planning. During the internship, student would assist in various projects related to linguistics and language studies, such as developing research tools and assist in data collection, compilation and analysis.

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