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Linguistics is the scientific study of human language, which is not just artifact whose use is to be taught, but a uniquely human trait whose study draws as well as increasingly impinges on cognition, the humanities, and the sciences.

Research groups


Corpus Linguistics and Language Technology

We focus on the use of cognitive linguisitics approach and corpus linguistics methods to investigate linguistics manifestations.


Language Learning and Acquisition

As in a multilingual society, we adopt a cross-linguistics approach to research into issues related to language learning and acquisition.


Language in Society

The use of Cantonese in Hong Kong Society and schools since the post-war period is unique among Chinese Society.

Latest News

  • International Conference on Technology-enhanced Language Learning and Teaching & International Conference on Corpus-based Language Learning and Teaching 2021 (TeLLT & CoLLT 2021)

    The jointly held TeLLT & CoLLT 2021 conference brought together academics from around the world to report on their various research work related to technology-enhanced language learning and teaching (TeLLT), and corpus-based language learning and teaching (CoLLT). The conference was organised by the Department of Lingusitics and Modern Language Studies, the Centre for Language Education and The Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Studies.

  • School of Cantonese Studies 2021

    The School of 2021 carries the theme "Cantonese Studies in the Digital Age". We are now living in the Information Age with a lot of data surrounding us. We need to apply appropriate methods to collect, process, interpret, and represent these data. Digital technologies play a significant role in this regard. In the two-day event, speakers of the School introduced some up-to-date Cantonese studies involving digital technologies, such as corpus-based research, online tools and resources for Cantonese studies, and digital processing of Cantonese corpus data.

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