A Digital platform for collecting Online Language Data

A Digital platform for collecting Online Language Data (DOLD)

  • PI: Professor Cheung Hin Tat
  • Co-PI: Dr Lai Yik Po
  • Co-Is: Dr Chen Hsueh Chu Rebecca, Dr Lau Chaak Ming, Dr Luk Pei Sui and Dr Wang Lixun
  • Faculty Development Fund, EdUHK

To overcome geographical barriers, especially capricious traffic bans during the pandemic, CRLLS will collaborate with LML to construct a digital platform for remote collection of language production data from speakers of different languages around the world. This platform will facilitate both academic staff and RPg students’ empirical research in linguistics and language studies. This objective is in alignment with the FHM’s research focus in digital humanities by empowering our digital research capacity. Its benefit will extend beyond the pandemic as the platform will also promote and strengthen regional and international research collaboration, especially with our GBA collaborators. Undergraduate students can also use the platform to collect data for their final year projects.

Capitalizing on the recent rapid development of internet technology, major features of the digital online platform are:

(1) online autoplay of audio/visual stimuli for elicitation of language samples
(2) online automatic recording of elicited language samples
(3) minimal manual control during the process
(4) a safe cloud-based backstage for data storage and data access, and
(5) a simple and flexible structure for researchers to design their own data-collection task package