Clinical Linguistics

Toward a Research Cluster in Clinical Linguistics

  • PI: Professor Cheung Hin Tat
  • Co-Is: Dr Andy Chin, Professor Chung Kien Hoa Kevin, Dr Kwan-Chen Li Ying Lorinda, Dr Lee Kwing Lok Albert, Dr Liang Yuan, Dr Liu Duo Phil, Dr Pan Jinger Melody, Dr Tong Xiuhong, Dr Wang Li Chih Angus and Dr Zhang Ling
  • Research Cluster Fund, EdUHK

The primary goal of this project is to promote interdisciplinary collaborations in clinical linguistics, with a focus on resolving challenges arising from language specific factors of Chinese, including both Mandarin and Cantonese. It is also the goal of this project that colleagues can transcend disciplinary boundaries and further expand their own research capacity.

Development of Initiatives in Clinical Linguistics Research for Chinese Speakers

  • PI: Dr Andy Chin
  • Faculty Development Fund, EdUHK

This project aims to develop two-way initiatives in clinical linguistics research for Chinese speakers. The project team (PI and Director of CRLLS) in the past few years have undertaken a number of research and teaching activities related to clinical linguistics. The project aims to disseminate these research outcomes through Knowledge Transfer activities to professional health units in Mainland China. In addition, a research seminar will be organized with these units as the target participants, to develop clinical linguistics research as a new research area, and also to develop collaborative research network in Greater China.

Acoustic Phonetic Analysis for Assessing Childhood Speech Sound Disorder

  • PI: Professor Cheung Hin Tat
  • Co-PI: Dr Lee Kwing Lok Albert
  • Faculty Knowledge Transfer Project Fund, EdUHK

The project aims to develop an interactive training package with the following goals: (1) To introduce knowledge of acoustic phonetics to practicing speech therapists in mainland China for handling Putonghua-speaking children with speech sound disorders; (2) To equip speech therapists with skills in using instrumental aids for acoustic analysis that will enhance their clinical judgement in performing speech sound disorder diagnoses and intervention plans in treating Putonghua-speaking children.